Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Urban Cosmopolitan Cape Sienna

Never in my mind would I thought of traveling to Phuket. I visited Phuket when I was younger but the memories were hazy. I don't remember a thing except the fact I had a really fun buffet time staying at Club Med. But that's not my story! 

As usual I went through a lot of research in order to get a perfect getaway for 5 days in Phuket. To have that perfect getaway, you need a perfect shelter, perfect location, perfect beach and perfect bed! Yes, I know I could be a little pain the a**. But who doesn't want that right? 

I had to find a place within my budget. Hotels in Phuket don't normally come cheap... Therefore you need extra time to find. Indeed there are many hotels and villas in Phuket, I really had a hard time narrowing it down. Research through Tripadvisor was the toughest. Cape Sienna on the other hand, has a fairly good comments. I mean, I would rather keep my focus on something positive than the negative. On the highlight, Cape Sienna is ranked 6 out of 21 of the hotels in Kamala and won a "Traveler's choice award 2012". 

It was like love at first sight when I stumbled upon the page. I checked out the official website, beautifully done! The price quoted via agent were good so we was happy with it. 

As soon as we arrived, honestly speaking, I was frankly shocked that it was darn quiet (it was midnight then). I mean sometimes hotels "could" still be alive tho it was midnight, if you get what I mean. I was so nervous if the room is going to be a good one (as seen from the site). We were escorted to the room and I almost dropped my jaw! I LOVED IT! I loved my room so much I wished to stay for a month. Perfect bed as I expected, nice and comfy sofa, spacious jacuzzi (outdoor by the balcony) and a spacious balcony too! We were happy and that's gotta be it!

Breakfast were nicely done. Even though we are no big eaters, but we care for what they have on the table. After a good breakfast, chill out by the pool overlooking the sea with perfect sunny day was all I really need. A tiny bit of infinity-pool-look-alike to chill after a hot burnt and cool it off with a glass of mojito *magnifique*

Just to remind you to request for a higher level floor because we had the 1st or either 2nd floor (couldn't remember, sorry) and it was kinda blocked by the building from the front (but not drastically). We could still see the sunset and everything just that it would have been nicer if you get the "whole" view. There are also another pool but you need to walk down from Cape Sienna Hotels about 1 minute walk. It was quieter and private. Check it out ;). 

If I had the chance to go back to Phuket, I'd definitely and will not hesitate to go back to Cape Sienna. A pleasant place to relax!

(I do not promote Cape Sienna for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Cape Sienna)

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