Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dexter at it's Best!

I started off watching Dexter this year and I had a hard time finishing the episodes. A friend of mine introduced me to dexter and told me how good and that I have to catch it. 
Yes, I'm a TV series freaks. I love watching them and in fact, I have so many right now that I have to put everything on hold for mighty dexter. 

I know that they are airing their 7th season now and I must say every season from 1st - 6th (I just finished season 6) has its own good and climax ending. Every episode keeps you wanting more! 

Dexter is a 50 minutes (roughly) TV show and in the beginning I had a hard time to finish them off because of its time duration. I love 30 minutes TV show and I seldom have the 50 minutes one. But after I watched dexter, 50 minutes seems very short!!! 

The end of season 6 is brilliant. I started to wonder how debra (dex's sister) would react to dexter's murder attempts in the last episode of season 6. Should I continue season 7 or should I wait til the season is complete?

If you haven't and wonder if Dexter is a worth TV show to kill time? I'd suggest you to watch, Michael C.Hall is a great actor. Jennifer Carpenter actress from The Exorcism of Emily Rose is indeed as great as Michael in Dexter. If you are a fan, don't miss out on this TV Series ;). 

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