Sunday, 4 November 2012

Love Thriller Movie? Catch this one!

Today, I was watching a movie called "Chained". The movie is a psychological thriller about a serial killer acted by Vincent Philip D'Onofrio(You may remember him in the movie "The Cell" with Jennifer Lopez) kidnapped a boy and his mother and basically he kidnapped a lot of women and killed them. He "saved" the boy and expected him to learn from him e.g. choose your prey, hunt them, rape them and kill them.

The serial killer raised him with a chain on his ankle. He didn't see light nor the sky and one day he took the chance to be out there with the serial killer and told him that he's ready to be his protege. What do you think he's gonna do next after witnessing those women he brought and that none of them came out alive. Will he choose his path to be just like him or break-out and safe himself and others? Catch the whole story HERE at amazon and get the DVD.

I personally enjoyed this movie!
(I do not promote Amazon  for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Amazon)

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