Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Frankenweenie contest

I've been a fan of Tim Burton. I used to watch "Nightmare before christmas" when I was younger. I was very much excited to have seen the trailer of "Frankenweenie" on apple trailer. It brought back how much I missed black-and-white-like-tim-burton-style. I know I'm not a child and wishes and dreams are meant for children but if I were to have a wish to make to own a pet, I'd love to have a BUNNYPIG. It is more of a fantasy pet since we are talking about Tim Burton, anything is possible ;)

I used to own bunnies and I mean 3 bunnies. Pigs are cute and they are rather smart too which gives a very good combination of my type of pet I'd want to have. As a child, I have a mother who's allergic with animals fur. She didn't like to have pets in the house because they tend to smell. I used to (Bunnies are in heaven now) feed them with good carrots and full cream milk so they will grow chubby and fluffy. They always smell so good just like milk. I changed and cleaned the cage EVERYDAY after school because I promised my mother that I'll make sure the rabbits are in good condition. But rabbits are a pretty good runner and they LOVE to chew whatever that they see which weren't good for them not just for their health but the reason why my mother would ask me to throw them away. I was beginning to be sad. I was looking out for ideas and as you know, they grew each and everyday and I was running out of time. Sad to say, I offered a friend to adopt my babies and he told me I am more than welcome to visit them anytime! He loved my babies and his mother loved them too. We are all in a win win situation and none of my babies were harm.

If I had the chance one more time, I wish to have a bigger house and field for Bunnypig to run around freely and grow more babies bunnypig for the family :)

(Quite a fantasy I have in mind aye?)

Here's a quick Trailer for you readers to enjoy : Frankenweenie

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