Monday, 18 February 2013

Ready for Paris?

I have been away from blogging as I was busy for the past many weeks. I went through much work and time to get my visa to Europe in Jakarta. I'm sure many of you read the news about the massive flood in Jakarta city. Well, I was pretty nervous to be there to get my visa done especially it was located right at the heart of jakarta city *Central*!

Boy I was glad to get everything done in time for my departure this coming thursday (21 feb). Today I bought earmuffs for me to wear when I really need it. As far as I'm concerned, paris has been very cold lately with snow and rain. I don't even know if I had all the right attire to avoid getting cold. I've never been to Europe,  so let alone knowing what kind of weather!

Skiing is one of the major activity in Europe.  I should be excited about it but I guess I'm a puss at trying new things!  And guess what, I'll  be there for a week long... a nightmare or a perfect holiday?

If you were to visit Europe (paris), where would you recommend to visit?

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