Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kimage Prestige @ Plaza Singapura

Just a few weeks ago I had a hair cut
It was a challenged to make decision where to go for a good and reasonable price
I've had a few experienced cutting hair in Singapore
It wasn't my favorite to be honest!

I had an experience with the famous Shunji Matsuo at Isetan Wisma Atria
A friend of mine recommended me to go there and so I decided to go (few years ago)
It was very pack and there were many hair dresser around
So to speak, it was a little messy!

I was assigned to this gentleman
I told him precisely my problem and what I wanted to see ( A bloody change of course)
I said I want to see some layering and volume,
Trim a little and not too much ya da ya da...

He cut my hair very little as if he was rushing to do more commission from other clients
I realized (cuz I was paying attention to what he was doing) he did not do any layering
Therefore my hair was still looking pretty dead instead of voluminous
I told him about it just so maybe he had forgotten about that part
And to my shocking, the only thing he did...
He layered only the front part of my hair
Meaning, between your ears area ONLY!

Wow... terrible experienced and I paid SGD48++ 
Ok, some of you may say it is because I had the junior instead of the senior
I could change your mind about that because the last place I went was amazing
It only cost me SGD50 FIXED!

I've done many research and a lot of experienced women in Singapore introduced Kimage
I lived nearby at Dhoby Ghaut area and I remember seeing Kimage Prestige
There are prices range from 50 - 60 and 70
As soon as I arrived (Saturday), I was very lucky to get one hairdresser to fix me

I wanted 70 to try out the best but He/She wasn't available
Reminder: You need to make an appointment with the 60 and 70 bucks lol
I told the man to just appoint me to anybody who's currently available

Ivan was my hairdresser
He's from Malaysia and has been working for Kimage Prestige for a few years
Basically, the hairdressers in Kimage Prestige at Plaza Singapura are very professional
If you hated salon with a lot of hard selling, try Kimage Prestige!
They do not appoint you to try this and that
Buy this and that... you name it!
You want a cut, they will do you a cut, that's that!
Unless you ask for some treatment etc, which I did but they did not push me at all

My hairdresser did what I wanted him to do, Layering and keep the volume
I love my old hair, they are long, naturally straight but heavy!
I was very happy with my cut and It felt very light on my head

Here is a picture of Before and After
I did my own curling on the "After" look
In Singapore, It is hard to find someone who can curl your hair nicely unless you do perm
I love curling my own hair as they looked very natural

Sorry as I don't look my best haha!


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