Friday, 28 March 2014

The Amazing Sydney

Sorry I've been away for a very long time.
Here's some update about what I've been doing ;)

Just 2 weeks ago that I got back from the amazing Sydney.
There are so much to describe about Sydney.
If I had the chance to move to Sydney, I would not hesitate!
That's how amazing Sydney was to me.

My friends and I visited Sydney for 10 days!
So many things to do but so little time :(
I wish to stay for a month to be fully satisfied.

First of all, the weather in March was pleasant.
It wasn't too warm during the day but I did get sunburn.
That was how clear the sky were during that days!
But with a hint of wind, it made a perfect day.

During the night, it got a little chilly.
When there were no sun, there were no heat.
Sydney is 3 hours ahead of Singapore.
I wish it was behind so I could enjoy more time :P

We stayed at Bellevue Hills area which was a very nice neighborhood.
Thanks to airbnb, I found a perfect place to stay with my friends.
It is located between the city and Bondi Beach.
What more could you ask for?
View of our room (Sunset)
We visited so many places:
A stroll of walk along Bondi Beach all the way to Coogee Beach.
Amazing views from the top overlooking Bondi, Bronte, Clovelly, Gordon's bay and Coogee Beach.

Hunter valley is one of the most favorable attractions in Sydney(Australia).
The next day of our arrival, we went on tour with Zepher tours.
My partner and I were very happy with our tour guide Jon/John/Jean.
He's from Belgium ;)
You can never find anybody like him, He's just so helpful throughout the trip!
Our favorite tour guide in the WORLD!

We were so happy to see our furry friends Koalas and Kangaroos.
Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park was AMAZING!
We got up close with koalas and there were 2 of them!
One was mighty friendly and the other was rather shy.
Their fur were so soft I wished I could hug them.
But them claws were too sharp so we were only allowed to touch it gently.
Our favorite furry australian friend!
The Shy Baby!
Mr.Kangaroo stretching during the day
Feeding time was the best time.
You get to see all the animals e.g: Kangaroos, Wallabies, Emus in actions!
As soon as they heard the woman shaking them barrel of food,
All of them went close to her.
Priceless picture of the day I must say.
I personally preferred Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park compared to Featherdale.
AWWP is more personal compared to Featherdale.
Try it and you would understand what I was telling ya!
Feeding time!!!
One of the Hunter Valley we visited (Tyrrell's)
Chocolate tour and we also visited cheese tour
Featherdale Wildlife Park and their Wallabies
Second famous attraction in my list: Blue Mountains
We hopped on Activitytours and it was a pleasant trip.
Scenic walk was amazing. I wish I could stay a little longer in blue mountain.
I realized there were many "I Wish..." going on there.
Now you ought to understand my LIKE!
So our tour guide brought us to this secret cliff.
We were the first group to arrive so we basically had the opportunity of a lifetime!
It was serene overlooking the rest of the world!
Hanging over the edge of the cliff...
Now, do you wish you could be there with me? :P
The Secret Cliff
Those amazing attractions in sydney was the highlight of the trip.
So, if it was your first time visiting sydney,
Never EVER forget to do those two!

If you ever felt like lazing around the park,
Do Botanic Gardens!
Take a little nap on them grass.
They smell so good I could just lay down for hours with my partner.
He would actually take a nap ;).
My partner and I just cruisin' ;)
Little did I know that grass could smell so good!
Cruisin' near the Government House @ Botanic Gardens
A few restaurants we visited during our trip.
I loved 3/4 of the place.
Like: The Glenmore, Movida, Chiswick.
Dislike: Wolfie Restaurant at the Rocks.

We decided to be gentle with our pocket so we went to a graciously nice restaurant.
Not overpriced like what you call *Fine Dining Experience*.
Overall, we were both very happy with the 3 of them.
We were told not to spend too much money on food,
Because you could find good food with affordable price.
And so we did ;).

Another optional attraction in Sydney was to visit Sydney Fish Market.
We were advised by our Zepher tour guide Jon to visit.
He said we shouldn't missed this opportunity.
We were so glad to go there.
We got so much food we had problems to finish them all.
Fresh OYSTERS!!!
We managed to get up to the Sydney Pylon Lookout.
Instead of spending the amount money of AUD200,
We went to the Pylon lookout for only AUD13.
But if we had another chance to do it again I would love to hike up the Sydney Bridge.
View from Pylon Lookout
Silly me from Pylon Lookout
The famous Opera bar was nice to visit.
We had a drink or two over there but it was too chaotic.
Too many people and it was not easy to find a table.
My partner and I went there twice.
Once for dinner and the other for afternoon to grab my favorite dessert wine.
My Favorite Dessert Wine
My glass and I
Additional picture at Jervis Bay (LOVE IT!)
St. Patrick's Day (Our last day)
Tipped this man, He's amazing
So how have you experienced Sydney?
Do you like it as much as I do?

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