Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Planning a wedding in Bali? PART II

So, how far along are you from planning a wedding? Having trouble looking for the right vendors? Don't worry because I have everything you need (not exaggerating) to know from the most important to the least. When a planner tells you "All you need is TRUST". but as long as you have that "GLITCH" inside you, don't let what they tell you about "trust" be the judge in your mind. Follow your heart and listen to yourself.

From the previous Blogpost I made, I talked about how you should start and slowly find your own vendors. I also listed the vendors I used for my wedding back in the 19th of September 2015. I hope those lists will help you (somehow) to make the right choices. If you find that your planner is making you wait too long for one answer, tell them that you couldn't be waiting all the time. Planner will always give you the excuses they can create at any time e.g Busy with clients, had a meeting, big night for client wedding preparation, you name it. We are living in the new era where you have your cellphone by your side 24/7 (don't lie now because I'm sure you sleep with it too). Sometimes it is just funny how they can give any excuses. They could have just replied and said they will get back to us soonest but they left us hanging. Anyways, if you are worried about that, it is best to get your own vendors because that way, you get quotations quicker than some planners. Basically that's how I did it. Fuss free and quick response from vendors. Quicker than a lightning bolt!

I know that there are TOO MANY vendors to choose from, so how did I get them?

- I took all the time I had at home. My husband would pat my shoulder and said "Well done". I did a lot of research and compare prices from all vendors. If you didn't mind a little more work, I'm sure you can do exactly the same. To hire a full time wedding planner (from day 1 til day end), it will cost you more but if you have the "Mula$" and that you have no time to do the things I did, I suggest you to just flow the mula! Back to the question, before picking the one, I also see how quick they responded to my emails. They were mostly QUICK and in the end, it all depends on how they do the quotations and charts. You need a clear chart that indicated e.g 1 boutonnière for Rp. 20,000. You definitely do not want a vendor that stated e.g 1 boutonnière from Rp. 20,000*. With that said, bill will comes out different than your calculation you had in mind.

- Don't be afraid of asking for prices because that's all we need you know!

I found many Florist in Bali. Too many to be exact but just because you do not have many updates on Instagram that doesn't mean you are not a reputable vendor. Communication with vendors is key! If you felt right after meeting with the vendors, you will know what to do next.

Upon meeting with Susy from Bali Wedding Florence, she was a pleasant lady to work with. Very helpful and she gave me ideas with the wedding set up e.g where the altar, food, dance floor will be even though it wasn't her job to tell me in the first place but it was nice to have the vision before. (FYI, my FIRED planner did not even give me any vision about it).

Though there was a little glitch with the flower arrangement, I was happy because the wedding was beautiful. I requested a royal/navy blue but it turned out to be a light blue. Far from what I'd expect on that day but I guess if the light catches the flower in every angle and it's still beautiful, I shouldn't be worried about whether or not its royal blue, navy blue or light blue.

We had roughly 60 guests and every guests had a cone of flower petals to shower us when we walked the aisle. It was such a beautiful moment! We had a beautiful and simple pergola for the ceremony, petals on the ground aisle, tiffany chairs, jars of flowers, white lanterns, candles around the villa, candles floating on the pool, corsages, boutonnières, hand bouquets for bridesmaids and bride. Flowers I pick for the evening was very simple, roses, hydrangea, baby's breath, carnation and tuberose. With those, we spent approx. Rp. 26million (SGD2600)*. I think we had the best deal with whatever we had that evening. If you could find lower price than we did, I salute your hard work ;)

I hope you enjoy reading and also I wish for your hard work to look for the right vendor :)

My beautiful Hand Bouquet by Bali Wedding Florence

Bridesmaids & Bride's Hand Bouquets by Bali Wedding Florence

Susy from Bali Wedding Florence, scattering flower petals

Altar for our ceremony by Bali Wedding Florence

My gorgeous Hand Bouquet and flower petals everywhere!

Just can't get enough of the Hand Bouquet by Bali Wedding Florence

The Best men with their Baby's Breath boutonnière by Bali Wedding Florence

Simplicity is key by Bali Wedding Florence

By Bali Wedding Florence

The night lit up by 80 lanterns by Bali Wedding Florence

We are so thankful for the work from Bali Wedding Florence

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