Friday, 12 December 2014

DHL Singapore

I've been waiting for my supposedly "1 Business day" iPad mini 2 that I got it online via Apple store
I thought everything would go smoothly and I'd get it on the 11 (I got it online on the 10)
DHL provides tracking system and so I waited for a day at home but no news except:

"With delivery courier"

Assuming that I will get the goods today! (11 Dec)
I gave up and called up DHL to know if they will be coming at all (Called at 7.10pm)
I asked the guy on the phone to find out and so he tried to call the courier
Without any luck, he did not pick up the phone calls so he left a message to the courier

I reminded him to make sure the courier calls me in order to get to the building
Only tenants with card are allowed to be in the building
It is absurd that courier did not even try to call me and just left!
In that case, DHL shouldn't state:

"Delivery attempted; Recipient not at home"

Fact is that I was home THE WHOLE DAY just for it!
They did not even attempt to call me
What is the use for apple store to ask for my phone number if courier didn't bother to call?
Courier did not even knock on my door to even say I'm not home

To make couriers and DHL at ease, they should improve their service
It is just a call away and they have to understand that we need to be home to receive goods
They can't just let us wait and wait forever at home
Worst part: I still didn't receive the goods after staying home all day long!

I hope tomorrow I'll receive it... seriously!

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