Sunday, 7 December 2014

I want to go back to Perth (PART TWO)

On our forth day we had a long drive to Margaret River for some wine and lunch
I made a reservation online when I was in Singapore
Just in case if it was a busy vineyard

The day was pretty gloomy with a lot of cotton balls in the sky
(As seen on photos)
After a long drive, we took a break and stumbled upon a herd of cows
There were many flies around them which I'm sure was pretty annoying to them
They were all facing back and as soon as we approached
Were staring at us...
It was pretty creepy 
It was as if they wanted to attack us but there were fences
And so we left the herd and found an old man selling coffee :)
An old man doing his business making coffee for riders ;)
We didn't stay long due to the crazy flies manifesto
Thanks for working so hard selling humble black coffee!
The sky was getting darker and cloudier when we arrived Voyager Estate
I was so happy we arrived (Finally!!!)
It took us around 3 hours or so just to get to VE
And I'm glad I picked VE and spent minimum 3 hours just in one Vineyard
The compound was amazingly beautiful with tons of roses around
It was also very spacious and not as crowded as usual vineyards we've been in Sydney
Rose petals were scattering around the grass 
If only the sky was blue...
Nonetheless, we enjoyed the scenery ;)

 We went to the restaurant for our 12.45pm reservation
I would say service in Voyager Estate wasn't pleasant
But I have the say the food was delicious with the capital D!

Voyager Estate provides ala carte and menu course lunch
(With/Without wine : Different price)

We weren't sure if we wanted course menu so they assigned us a two-seat table
The area wasn't as pleasant 
(We requested the corner 4 seater table but we were assigned elsewhere)
When we changed our mind after browsing through the menu
We decided to take course menu instead
They were pleased to inform us that we could move to the "Initial requested" table

I guess what you paid for gets you to move to a better table too...
And that's just awkward because we were from one table to another and another
Anyways, we were also given a complimentary sparkling wine
They were DELISH!!!
The course menu is called "The Discovery Menu"
There were 6 menu and we had so much fun tasting every one of them
We were also given a free postcard with every menu we had
Everyone of them has its own stories to tell
I've forgotten all the names but enjoy the photos!
Just by looking at them, brought me back to Voyager Estate again

We had 2 desserts!
One was from the menu and the other was complimentary
How amazing was that!!!

After our awesome lunch we decided to go to the front building to taste and buy some wine
The place was empty and we would like to have a taste some of the wine
The lady wasn't very pleasant and helpful
She took out 2 glasses of wine, pour one for my partner
But didn't pour one for me...
Despite the empty glass next to his glass

She asked me if I wanted one as well...

When second wine came, she didn't even change nor wash the glass with water
She poured down the second wine to the same glass...
Why on earth would she do that?

Despite all these weird service, we bought 2 bottles of wine
All we could say: Hopefully VE can improve with their poor service
Apparently there were many complains with their services
Perhaps we are not the type of customers they were looking for...

To be Continued...

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