Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hair cut @ Trimmings Hair Salon and Spa Robertson Walk

A couple of weeks ago I made a big change to my look as soon as the wedding was over. My hair was pretty damaged from all the coloring and bleaching due to the prewedding photoshoot and wedding itself. It was very hard to get it right because I had previously colored my hair jet black. You can imagine what I had gone through in order to get even a tiny bit of color. It was simply impossible to get it. I had to go through many process to get a touch of brown. Bleached at least 3 times and god knows how many layers. 

My hair wasn't THAT long but they are thick. So it kinda made me feel tired to carry it around everyday. Needless to say, to wash it and to see how much hair were dropped and drained by the water. It was rough especially (if you spotted) the inner corner of my hair. They were slightly blonde. It was supposed to be lavender but due to the rapid wash, the color came off.


There are tons of hair salon in Singapore. They are everywhere in Far East but because I had a couple of hair cuts done there, I wasn't amazed by the result. I had no idea why but I felt the choices at Far East were just too overrated. 

I headed down to Robertson walk to check out Trimmings. I initially wanted the Creative Director to do the cut because I thought if I needed to cut ALOT, I might as well get the best out of the salon. But sadly, the creative director only works on Tuesday and Saturday when I needed to go on Monday. All I needed to do was to whatsapp them to make the booking. It was quick and easy! I was offered to go with the Senior Stylist Benson. He's a modern looking guy with (if I could remember) colored blond/plat hair. It took him quite a while to finish the cut. It is not a complaint, in fact I'd prefer someone to spend a bit more time with my hair and REALLY cut the hair. 

His rate cost me SGD70 and it was all worth it. I'm already planning to go down again for a color for my trip next month. If you are planning to have a hair cut and wonder where you might want to go? Just try out Trimmings. You can easily find them via Google. 


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