Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Moses Band Medan

First of all, I would like to share a big Thank You to Moses crew.
It is pretty amazing to know that there is a talented bunch of young crew in Medan.
I was pretty unsure about their talent but boy, they are amazing!

I have to admit I did some mistake 3 days before my big day.
You had no idea how terrible I felt and apologetic.
I realized while going through the invoice Moses sent me.
I contacted Reffy (The leader of Moses Band) and he responded quickly.
Of course, I'm sure with a shock of his life too!

I've never met them in person so it was really hard to get to know the group.
All I could do at that time is to trust Reffy.
He told me not to worry and that he would try his best to fix it.
He's a very sincere and helpful young man.
The good news was that they were available on the big day BUT...
Since they had to hire a grand piano, that came the problem.
The vendor they picked refused to rent it out unless he made penalty payment.

I remember telling him if he needed any help (money wise for penalty) just inform me.
I know I made that mistake so it is obviously my turn to help one another.
He tried in that little days to try negotiate with the piano vendor.
I had so little hope that he could manage to negotiate BUT...


I think he's a charming guy and probably well known in Medan.
The vendor decided to give a good news to him and to me.
If I hadn't had him and crew, I had no idea how the night would go.
Probably as screwed as you might have thought...

My wedding was very small.
Not more than 250pax but It felt so exhausted but...!
I remembered the MOSES so I made a quick turned (my head) to look at the band.
To see who was the one talking to me all these while.
I watched the singers (A young man and A young lady),
I watched the Pianist...

I think that were the only attractive area in the ballroom :)
I thought It was impossible to make eye contact and MIME to the singers,
So I diverted my vision to the Pianist,
And as you might have guessed, Pianist is Reffy himself.

I made the Miming with my lips saying "Reffy?"
While playing his grand piano, he looked and nodded.
At the end of the wedding, I made a quick Hello to him and his brother.

For those of you who are planning for a wedding in Medan,
And are looking for youngblood to play you some bubles, Check them out!
Prices are reasonable.

Again, Thank you for everything Reffy!

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