Sunday, 26 May 2013

Autore Pearl with Goldheart Necklace

I've finally purchased the necklace today for my beautiful pearl I bought in Lombok
Do you know that Lombok (Indonesia) is famous for their pearls?
Little did I know I was recommended to have a look at Autore
Autore is basically from Australia and you can check them HERE

They were amazing but expensive
Good pearl don't come cheap!
I only purchased the pearl itself
There was no chain and no hook for the necklace
Plain jane!
I often thought the pearl I bought was a little smaller
Everyday I looked at it, it seemed to be bigger!
I got the hook done in Paris
Little did I know that jewelry in Paris are expensive
The hook cost me EUR180
I was recommended to go to Myrtille Beck to get it done
Apparently not many shop in Paris wanted to do what I requested
But I was lucky that my friend's mother are a good friend with the owner
Myrtille Beck is a small jewelry boutique in Paris
Check them up HERE if you are interested to know more
They have beautiful jewelries

So... VOILA!
Isn't it just beautiful?

I spent SGD158 for the necklace itself at GoldHeart in Plaza Singapura
I was very happy with it because my pearl has now complete its look!

What do you think?

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