Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rubi - Jelly Shoes

We are all obsessed with Melissa Jelly shoes aren't we?
But today I'm talking about Melissa-look-alike shoes!


2 weeks ago I stumbled upon Rubi at Ion Orchard
Not knowing that they are doing Jellies now!
I've not been around Singapore therefore I'm kinda lost with the IN thing
We all know that Melissa Jellies are way too expensive
After all, they are one hella plastic shoes
That's THAT! and nothing much really...
Imagining someone like me who likes to buy, buy and buy more
You can't always have the best brand 
Don't be afraid, Rubi has the same design as Melissa jellies too!
Melissa's cost above SGD100++ while Rubi cost me only SGD14.90 (NETT)
They are (i'm sure) as comfortable as Melissa's
Rubi's Jelly comes in 3 shades: Red, Transparent and I couldn't remember the other
Either gold or black
I fell in love with the Transparent with glitters
They sparkle!
I was told by my partner that he used to wear this design and of the same quality when he was a kid
Back in France, people often wear them to go to the sea
Avoiding to step on the tiny rocks etc
What a way to take care of them feet aye?
What's your Jelly?

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