Sunday, 7 July 2013

Group Therapy Cafe @ 49 Duxton Road

Don't they just look delicious?
Picture 1 til the end tells you how much I enjoyed my food
I'm an egg benedict lover
As you can see I had a pretty terrible poached egg from my last visit at a French Cafe,
(Read my previous review)
To my surprise, I enjoyed nicely poached eggs at Group Therapy Cafe

They are a small cafe and we made reservation before we head down
They called to tell us that our table is ready!
As we all know that in Singapore on Sunday is pretty hard to find a place for brunch
A GOOD BRUNCH that is!
Group Therapy Cafe was nice to even call us :)

We head down right away with cab and it wasn't hard to spot the place
It is also very close to Maxwell Food Court at Chinatown

Group Therapy Cafe is not a big cafe but it was nice to be there
Waitresses and Waiters are friendly and had our table ready once we arrived
Their egg benedict comes with a thick toast
Very different from others but it was good!
Hollandaise sauce was good
Went perfectly with a cup of Jasmine Tea
A perfect sunday brunch I must say...

LOOK how clean my plate was!? ;)

I'd rate Group Therapy Cafe a 5 out of 5 *Bing Bing Bing*
Never hesitate to go back for another group brunch with friends!

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