Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tonkotsu King Ramen @ Orchid Hotel

Tonkotsu King Ramen is located in Tanjong Pagar at Orchid Hotel
I've never heard of the famous King ramen before until 3 recent weeks ago!
I met a girl from Japan and I'm a fan of Ramen
So I was wondering where in Singapore I could try ramen apart from Ippudo
She suggested to go to Tonkotsu King Ramen 

Wanted to know more, I googled it and found good reviews too
I was a tad nervous about the queue-ing 
and also the part where it is a small shop
which clearly means you need to queue for a long time!

I was not wrong about it!!!
Last night I decided to have a go and try my luck (bloody friday)
It was already a long queue at 7.30pm
Waited for almost an hour I must say

Question is: Do I like it?
I'd still prefer Ippudo a whole lot more!
It's not because of the place where it is located
Tonkotsu King does not have the delicious broth soup compared to ippudo
The taste was a bit too salty for me...
Apart from the negative side, I loved the pork
They are tender but some part are a bit hard

The shop is small, yes!
So small that it's pretty much untidy and dirty in the restaurant
There were dirty (supposedly clean) used tissue in the tissue box
I wanted to use one but it was used! (YUCK)
It's like a rush hour inside
As soon as you sit, your food were served right away (which is good)

I think I'd just go back to ippudo
After all, they have a very delicious pork bun and more choices to have!

I'd also give 2.5 out of 5 for Tonkotsu King Ramen

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