Friday, 19 July 2013

TimHoWan Dimsum @ Plaza Singapura

I'm of the crazy queue to have Dim Sum in Singapore
It was opened awhile ago and the queue is still massively long
We waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the table
Yes, It was a long queue!
We often wonder what's the fuss is all about

So why not try it?

I find it over-rated after tasting the food
You would want to try just to see why there are so many of them queue-ing 

Over-rated doesn't mean it's not good
The food in TimHowan are good
Just not to the extend where it's worth killing my time to just queue
When we finished our food in less than 30 minutes

The buns are the famous dish in the restaurant
Maximum 3 buns perperson
Glutinous rice was good with a lot of meat filling - 5bucks a plate
Chicken feet sauce was good too, i'd say better than the cathay dimsum
Prawn dumpling was good but not the best
Spinach, garlic and mushroom dumpling wasn't my favorite

There were 2 dish that I left out
Pork rib and steam beancurd wrapped with prawn
Pork rib had too much fatty in it
It was too much after that little dish
We initially wanted rice roll but mistakenly ordered the beancurd prawn

Normally, chinese restaurant would listed "Rice roll instead of Vermicelli"
I did not try the beancurd wrap as it was supposed to be better FRIED

How did you enjoy your experience in TimHoWan and the Queue? ;)

Spinach Garlic and Mushroom dumplings

The famous Char Siu Buns

The fillings

Chicken feet

Glutinous rice with meat (Pork maybe) fillings

Prawn dumplings

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