Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Brand's InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract

Recently I came across a friend who posted on Instagram that caught my eyes. I know beauty is very important for women at the age of 25 and above. So I heard about beauty essentials like Collagen and Q10. These are the two that I've been hearing a lot. 

You may know me as an individual who's not too fussy with beauty. Of course I'm taking care of my skin especially my facial look but not as much as using SKII or to a doctor for skin care consultations etc. I'm using mid range products from The Body Shop to Kiehl's and Loreal. You see, Not so fussy ;).

I never thought essence like this would give any differences to our skin. I was convinced because these days, women would rather save the time and just go for any kind of needles that would make it work in a blink of an eye (if you know what I mean). To me, Injecting yourself with some liquid could probably be more harmful than dunking it down the throat. Not that I'm anti surgery or needles but I have to admit, I'm a tad the "kitty" to go down that alley. 

Before purchasing the goods, I went through google to find out more informations on it and indeed there were a lot of other labels apart from Brand's. There were Kinohimitsu, DHC and many more. And of course they came in different prices and ingredients. Judging from reviews from other women, most of them are happy with Brand's and to the PLUS side, It is cheaper!

I'm a berry person - I love strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Grapes... Anything that comes in a round shape, teardrop shape, Oval shape - You name it! The texture (to my surprise) is thick and you know what it means when it is thick and rich. It means whatever you pay for, it is worth your money. Cheap collagen drinks are mostly "watery" and you barely taste anything. YES - I'm very happy with my Brand's InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract.

A box comes in half a dozen bottle of Berry Essence. I started today with one bottle during the day. I would actually want to try the Prune Essence because you drink Prune Essence at night while Berry Essence in the morning. Half a dozen is never enough! It is so addictive and the size is amazingly fit-able to even my smallest bag.

Am I going to purchase again after the first half a dozen? YES! It is even better if this essence really works on my skin. I hope you guys enjoy reading the benefits of drinking Collagen Essence. Until then, Have a nice day! 

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