Monday, 14 January 2013

Trattoria lafiandra - Bras Basah

Last weekend My friend and I decided to try out a place called "Trattoria Lafiandra".
It is located at Bras Basah next to the Singapore Art Museum.
I used to walk a lot around that area and 
I always thought maybe one day I should try out this Italian Restaurant. 
Every time I walked pass and I was curious how it looks like on the inside.
I wouldn't even expect a lot from it really...
I even thought this Trattoria could also be similar as the one at 313 Somerset.

I googled to see what they served in the restaurant and I've no complains.
It is convenient because I live pretty close to Bras Basah 
and so we decided to walk.
The ambiance was very good.
I love the coziness in the restaurant with dim light. 
It is not a big restaurant but it's a good size!
(You see, I'm not fussy ;P)
They have many list of Pasta but as usual, I love italian Entree. 
We picked Carpaccio di Manzo.
The portion was really good for 2.
I could never finish it by myself so if you love beef marinated with olive oil and lemon, Try this out!
I'd also recommend "Flat ribbon pasta with smoked salmon in white cream".
When the dish came, I wasn't too excited as it looked pretty pale and unappealing.
But as soon as I tasted it, It was worth it!
A plate cost about SGD25+ or cheaper (I couldn't remember)
They didn't have much selections for desserts.
Tiramisu is famous in an Italian restaurant 
so I thought why not give it a try.
A bowl cost about SGD11+.
It was a good size for 2!

If you haven't had the chance or doubt whether to try out Trattoria Lafiandra,
Don't hesitate!
Here's the site if you would like to check out their menu.

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