Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Reasons why women cheat

It is interesting to find the reason why women cheat. The reasons are fairly different from why men cheat. After all, women are more sensitive in terms of relationship. If you are EVER wondering why your women cheat on you, you should probably get to know more things about women before you start a relationship. Here I listed a few reasons that you would consider knowing: 

  • The famous lack of intimacy - You may have showered your woman with luxurious gifts, you provided her with the house along with luxurious cars etc but did you know that women desire for more intimacy than anything else? More than intimacy doesn't mean sex and only sex. Women want to feel connected to you as to spend more time talking to each other side by side, kissing, touching and cuddling with her. I, Myself - created the "Cuddle time cum talking time" with my man. I have no idea if he liked it but I know for sure a little time for that won't hurt you. Besides, she's just taking 5 minutes of your time. It can never be compared to 10 hours in the office. Women want excitement in their life too and if you couldn't give her a little intimacy time, they could seek elsewhere if she's not getting it at home. Try to improve, spend more time with your woman, make a nice romantic dinner for two - make her feel close to you.
  • We WOMEN want MORE - Yes, women want more sex and we love to spice things up a little. Women want to feel wanted though sometimes we are occupied with house works. Especially to those who are married with kids, they spend so much time taking care of the house and the kids they would want a good night sleep rather than anything else in the world could offer. Women CAN be tired of all the duties and look for the wild things and if you are not making her feel that way she could seek elsewhere for it. Try to spark your life around - take her out on a date and movie date, spice things with sexy messages.
  • Revenge is a dish best served cold - Caught red handed in a BIG LIE, you did break her heart and her trust! She feels wounded and betrayed. She wants to hurt you the way you hurt her - and No, you can't undo your indiscretion. Therefore it's a payback time. To regain her trust, you don't just say SORRY and expect everything to be normal again... (don't be naive and silly). You got to show her - not just talk the talk. If you hadn't known, actions speak louder than words!
  • Bored on bed - The same person, same setting, same position, you have to admit it can be boring if you don't do something to keep her adrenalin flowing. Try to avoid the same old routine and repetition - Take her away for the weekend, give her the unexpected getaway!
  • Women need more attention - Women wear many hats in a relationship. They are a housekeeper, they run for grocery to cook dinner for men, they are an errand runner too and a babysitter. If you did not know how to appreciate what they have done around the house and make her feel like a maid rather than a girlfriend/wife, that's when we women stray. Facts when you spend so much time at work and drinking with friends, colleagues and clients give her the double reason to cheap and seek for attention elsewhere. We are not asking you to quit your job but rather to thank her for all her hard work she has put on and try to be home if you can instead of out drinking. 

Women cheat with reasonable reasons and not just for their own desire. It's usually her heart that needs healing and certainly not her libido. Keep the lines of communication open and be supportive - encouraging and work at keeping the sparks. All and all, don't give her a reason to stray. 

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