Monday, 3 December 2012

Breaking Dawn Part II

Today, I finally had the chance to watch Breaking Dawn II. I don't know why people are so crazy over "Twilight" and yet the last saga has a pretty slim rate. IMDB stated 5.9 out of 10, I'd have given a lower point because I don't find it entertaining but I was bored to death.

I'm not a big fan of twilight nor am I hating it, I guess I'm just another girl started Twilight from year 2008 and kinda liked it (apart from Kstew) so I ended up watching New moon, Saga and so forth. I was expecting a great ending from saga part II but yeah, it was a miserable ending to watch.

I know I know, it was one hell of a happy ending!!! But you have to admit that the story was way too long with too much jibber jabbers from the beginning towards the end! Actions were VERY SLOW! Even the actions were just an image and they weren't real LOL.

Talking about the baby Renesmee, I wanted to laugh so hard when I see this animated baby. Not just when she was a baby, but as she grew up (the part she was catching snow flakes off the air) her face was animated too until she was fully grown-up and that's when she had her real face... I don't know if you get what I'm trying to say but I just find it all so hilarious. (maybe because from Twilight 2008, I don't see any animated face apart from the wolves).

In my opinion, I thought the director was out of ideas how to end this saga. Apart from Kstew making in and out of love with Rpat. Dakota Fanning was not even good in the movie or either way, she was given a pretty bad role to not be having much to talk in the movie. Dakota is a great actress but sadly, she wasn't really in it (apart from when she was eaten by the wolf lol).

Rami Malek aka Benjamin in Breaking dawn, I find him very attractive. A little bit of Bruno mars, I think he's better looking than Bruno but my friend said Bruno's better and that was a debate then ;). What do you think about the last episode of "The Twilight"? Do you like it as much as everybody else or it is a turn off?

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