Friday, 14 December 2012

Terrible Experience with Facial Laser

Just a few months back (September), As you all know I went to Malaysia for 5 days. One of the purposes to go there was to get my under-eye mole removed. 

I went to a well known and famous clinic in Malaysia (I prefer not to name it) to get it removed. It was my very first encounter to do facial mole removal and of course I was terrified. As much as I know sometimes I need to go for a normal facial, I'd still think twice due to pain while therapist handling extraction on your skin.

I went to this clinic to consult a doctor before proceeding to the next step a.k.a Laser. 

At the very beginning, I thought that under-eye bulged out thing was an oil seed. As it turned out to be a mole (According to the doctor). One question leads to the next - I asked the doctor if there's any possibility that this mole would grow bigger and as far as I've been studying to be a beauty therapist, we were taught to know if some moles tend to grow or not e.g Malignant or Benign. I was pretty disappointed when the doctor said "I cannot predict whether this mole CAN or CANNOT grow " and that he told me I need to only get it done once and it will be as good as new. I refused to get it done because Chinese believes that facial mole are somewhat Good & Bad depending on the area they are located. I was indeed embarrassed because I told the doctor that I'll come back again as soon as I find out if MY MOLE is a GOOD mole or BAD (darn me being chinese and all!). I mean I wouldn't want to remove knowing if that mole will do good for me and my future. 

I told the doctor I'll be back and so I paid for consultation, which was normal like every other clinic and hospital. I paid RM50 for the consultation and the receptionist told me if I decided to do it, I won't have to pay anymore. FYI, I didn't go back just for the sake of that RM50! 

A day after the consultation day, I came back and got it done! ('cause I found out that it's ok to remove it and if I wanted to look good better do it now than later). To my surprise, It was just a therapist who did the laser and not the doctor. So whatever the situation, the therapist bear the consequences of handling my facial skin. 

Yes, I was very nervous after knowing it's not the doctor but a therapist! C'mon, I'm a therapist too but not up to the stage where I do laser on customers haha! I did not get any ANESTHETIC on my skin whatsoever, can you believe that I bear the pain for that few seconds, UNDER my eye as you know the skin around your eye area are very sensitive. Imagine I got them burn on my skin. It was painful that I wouldn't ever want to do it again. 

It lasted for a couple of seconds but it felt very long and deep down I said "QUICK QUICK QUICK"!. I'm no whiny baby, If you got it done without Anesthetic you would know how I felt that very day. 

The receptionist gave me a cream to put morning and night. I did it EVERYDAY! I took days to get the pain away :(. OK, as a therapist (I am one), They need to tell clients to things they should avoid e.g. avoid washing the mole area with soap or avoid make up etc. I was just given that cream and that's just it. As time passed by, my skin peeled off and I was very happy! 'cause then the new skin will grow and that I'll have my normal skin back. 

A month after the procedure, I realized the color of the spot became darker than it was before. YES, I wasn't too happy!!! I went through pain and I got back 10 times the shades and size. BULLOCKS I thought to myself... I decided to email the clinic to ask and they replied quoting "It would be 1-2 months duration normally,as eyes area is a very sensitive part compare to others part like hand or leg". Ok, I stayed positive after the information given and I gave one more month to see any changes.

Bullocks! Not again... 2 months and It hasn't changed one bit. I went back to Malaysia to ask. I told them what happened and the same receptionist told me while touching my mole, she said that my mole will eventually grow back because it's a BULGED-OUT mole which requires more than once to get it done!!! I asked if it would grow bigger than this and she told me to consult the doctor. OLALA... pissed off? YES!!! I told her there's no point to consult the doctor if he had no clue (from the beginning) that the mole would grow OR NOT! 

My friends told me to not bother go back there again and just let the mole be because it doesn't look so bad on me (does it?). To stay positive, I told myself that the more prominent the mole, the sexier I appeared to be LOL!

What do you think about mole? Have you had any experience with laser? Share it with me ;)!

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