Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

What did you get on a bright christmas day 2 days ago? Did you do anything with the love ones or perhaps with family and friends? How much did you enjoy the celebration? Anything special to share?

My friends and I had a fabulous champagne buffet at Grand Hyatt and it lasted til 10.30pm. With just champagnes, the night wasn't over so everyone head to Martini Bar just right in the building itself. Refused to join the crowd other places, we made a wise choice to just stick around. 

We ended the night at about 12.30am to go home and exchange gifts with my love one. To my surprise, my gift came in a rather smaller box so I assumed it could be a necklace from swarovski because I was teased that it's going to be a "Blue Box". Let alone the "Tiffany" haha. With loads of anticipation in my mind, I saw a print "Samsung". Speechless... 
Yes, I needed a new phone as my Blackberry had been acting weird and slow. I'm now very happy and thankful that I received a Samsung S3 as my Christmas gift.

So, are you happy with yours?

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