Monday, 10 December 2012

One of the most Expensive Hotel in USA

Have you ever thought or even dream about going to a place you want to visit and knowing that it is pretty much impossible to have that in your wish list? A place you would want to go to have some peace and tranquility in a desert maybe? A place where people called it "One of the top 20 most expensive hotel in America"? 

Oh boy, there were 20 to view alright and funny thing that this particular one had my full attention! As I clicked forward to the next few hotel but I still think this one is the best out of all.

Aman Resorts offers guests around the world to explore their 23 Amazing resorts from East to West. From Indonesia to America. There are:

  • 5 Aman resorts in Indonesia
  • 3 Aman resorts in India
  • 2 Aman resorts in China
  • 2 Aman resorts in Sri Lanka
  • 2 Aman resorts in America
  • 1 Aman resorts in Morocco
  • 1 Aman resorts in Bhutan
  • 1 Aman resorts in Philippines
  • 1 Aman resorts in Thailand
  • 1 Aman resorts in Cambodia
  • 1 Aman resorts in  Montenegro
  • 1 Aman resorts in Laos
  • 1 Aman resorts in the Caribbean 
  • Last but not least 1 Aman resorts in France
I didn't know that Amangiri resorts are the same as Aman resort and as I was looking for more information, it also lead me to Aman resort. 

I was actually looking for a job at Aman resort 2 years ago and I met one of the manager. Indeed I fell head over heel at Aman resort.

Did you know that you need to do advance booking with Amangiri in order to actually GET to be one of their guest? Amangiri is located in a desert out of NOWHERE. Sounds creepy? But I'd die to experience staying there! Wouldn't you? C'mon, even Brad pitt and Angelina jolie were there to enjoy their romantic getaway. I guess if you weren't a superstar, you wouldn't be in the top priority list (OH NO). 

Amangiri offers ONLY 34 suites. 13 Desert view suites, 14 Mesa view suites, 1 Terrace suite, 2 Mesa pool suites, 2 Desert pool suites, Girijaala suite and Amangiri suite. It is way awesome that this resorts provides both Air-Conditioning for summer and under-floor heating for the cooler months. It reminded me of the month (march) year 2012 I went to grand canyon and believe it or not, it was at least -3 degree and YES, I was freezing my tootsie out there where the local people were dressing in super comfy and thick jacket and I was with just a normal jacket. They were at least 3 times my size!

So, If you had the chance to "Wonder", where would your dream hotel/resort be?


  1. wowww nice places....

  2. These are good places to go to. Aside from its majestic spots, you will also be amazed on how the construction of rooms and buildings matches the place.

  3. I would definitely spend some of my hard earned money to a place like this. This is something you cant do everyday, so might as well cherish every single moment of it!

    1. I totally agree with your statement. One day... One fine day ;)