Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Front - Back - Left - Right : PAY ATTENTION!

I don't know if it's something to laugh or to feel pitiful or OH MY GOD! on the water walkway. Just few days ago, I met my friend at scott road as she was doing her manicure. 

On our way back towards orchard road, there was this look-alike-water fountain-walkway. If you did not pay much attention to the road, you'd think it is just a walkway like every ground (if you know what I mean. You'd thought you could put one of your foot a step towards it. 
We saw this lady, she could be either sleepy or playing with her phone too much she didn't pay attention to the road or she wasn't looking at all - whatever her reasons yeah! I was chatting with my friend while walking and we heard a splash so we both looked to the front and saw this lady's foot was in the water!!! Of course everyone was looking... DUH! I mean who wouldn't be able to see the difference between ground w/ or w/t water? Especially one that is so still and never move an inch LOL - I'm teasing you lads -.-'. 

Ok, We didn't mean to be rude or mean or anything. Whoever created that magnificent decoration outside the new mall at scott road. Both my friend and I had a really good laugh and guessing how and why it happened. Whatever it was, it made our day ;). 

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