Thursday, 22 November 2012

Affordable Shoes!

Yesterday, My sister and I went for a mini shopping in Penang. Instead of clothes shopping, I went for Shoe-shopping. One affordable shoe brand called "Vincci" made in Malaysia. Vincci is now having a 20% off on the second pair. I spent Normal price RM160 (RM79.90 each) and after discount I paid only RM142+. Not much but it's nice. 

I love my new pairs. It wasn't easy to find a perfect unique shoes until I found this flat shoes with nice design and the price was alright. I don't see many out there so I decided to get it ;). It comes in 2 color but the other one (for my size) was out of stock so I had to get the black one instead. 

The wedge came in as the new arrival. I didn't see it as I was too busy trying on other wedges and coincidentally, I saw a lady holding it and thought it might be nice on me. Voila... with 3 color layers! It comes in 3 shades, black, beige and I forgot the other color. Check out Vincci if you are ever in Malaysia!

(I do not promote Vincci  for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Vincci)

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