Thursday, 29 November 2012

Quality Control Please?

Ok, I love wearing tang top and I have maybe a dozen of them. Forever 21 provides many style and colors in a very affordable price. I decided to get a few more since a few of the one I owned were damaged. I remembered getting one at Straditarius in Jakarta and I didn't check properly, the bottom of my white tank top has a hole :'(. It was depressing to purchase something when you did not check properly.


My last visit to Penang (Malaysia), I visited Forever 21 and got myself 2 tank top. As you can see from the picture displayed, the strap that was supposed to be attached actually came off! FYI, It is brand new and of course I wasn't too happy about it. I get that it's not an expensive but that doesn't mean I should be OK with the outcome of a 15 bucks top. 

H&M has a fairly good affordable tops with plenty of colors and styles to choose. I still shop at Forever 21 regardless of the handwork-error. Just hoping that they will improve better in sewing them tops! 

(I do not promote Forever21 and H&M for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever)

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