Saturday, 3 November 2012

French Style

I have to admit that I visited Bali so much I would have gone mad not to share it with you especially the place where I stayed were a fabulous place. It's like heaven on earth ;). 

I visited "La Villa Mathis" sometime this year as I had a friend who were getting married in Villa Mathis itself. Villa Mathis is owned by French owner hence the interior designs are the highest-end design. 

The concept of the villa is beautifully designed with a touch of traditional and yet classy. The rooms are very romantic and spacious! We were assigned by a french man when we arrived but I asked him to speak in English as I don't understand a word he was saying :P. But he's a very nice man. He talked to us about La Villa Mathis. We were given a free mocktail when we arrived. 

We also had a quick tour around the Villa and every villa has their own pool and a lounging area (open air). I know I've always introduced serene places and I have to admit every vacations of mine gotta be all about serenity! Therefore I am truly sorry if my sense of style does not meet your requirement :P. La Villa Mathis are located pretty distance from the central of Seminyak (where all the shops are located). When I was in the Villa, I couldn't care less about the outside world but to have a relaxing massage. So why would I think about shopping when I can have heaven coming to me? 

My French friends were married in La Villa Mathis and it was a perfect night with a lot of dancing, toasting, drinking and laughing. We had the whole villa to ourselves so there were no one to tell us to be quiet. Every fun night has an ending. So as soon as the night was over, I hopped to another Villa and that's to be continued... ;)

(I do not promote La Villa Mathis  for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with La Villa Mathis)