Friday, 9 November 2012

Problems you want to Solve!

Sex is the most common article normal human wants to read but does sex problems count as well? Why focus on the problems if there were solutions for it? 

To say that you are 'too tired' to have sex is probably a lame excuse. Nobody in the world would be too tired for it in fact sex were supposed to revitalize you!

Stress, Alcohol, Depression are some of the causes that give you an erectile dysfunction. When you have that problem, your sex drive immediately dries you out. Give yourself a break and help yourself with some meditation, sex therapy and treat yourself with good massage. When you are nervous, you are tend to be stiff. Try out relaxing techniques which will help you let go off the stiffness. 

No time for sex, pfft!!! That's another excuse darling... Yes you have to work, cook, groceries but you always have that little time with you to get thing started. Try cutting down by spending your time on the phone, TV and computer. That little time you spent could give you twice the orgasm!

Who has the highest libido and the lowest? Worried about your body? Your weight perhaps? Don't be because at some point everybody went through the same phase. All you need is to participate and take the initiation to light up the room. Make yourself comfortable and make the room as cosy as possible. Don't rush it though, make sure that the two of you are in a good and relax condition. When the sex drives come, don't let them go ;).  

Sometimes men worry if they ejaculated before their partner, to avoid that to happen you can always use rubber to make it less sensitive. There are always ways to seek help and if that doesn't help, no harm to ask the doctor to help.

Hormones for both men and women are very important. Low hormone will give pain to miss V and you don't want that. Don't forget lots of lots of foreplay and if that doesn't help, try using the lubricant provided in the pharmacy. If the problems keeps on going, seek a doctor as they will be able to provide a cream for hormone.

Don't be bored of sex. If you think you are why don't you find something to spice things up? Dirty talk, lots of foreplay, massages, there are a lot it is up to you how much you are into it. So, the big question is - Are you ready to spice things up?

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  1. True you should alw have time for at least a quicky :D