Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another Celeb has a Sex Tape Scandal!

Isn't it familiar with all other celebrities in America that they have sex tape? None other than the famous Paris hilton and Kim Kardashian, Here comes Emma Stone

I think taping yourself having an intercourse is a huge risk. Either way, you'd go super duper famous in a negative OR positive way. Paris and Kim got themselves really famous after the tape scandal with their ex boyfriends. It didn't stop them from doing what they do everyday. In fact, they are even more famous than they were before.

Miss "Easy A" Emma stone was not too happy with the news about her sex tape and yes, she stated that she has no respect for women like Paris and Kim who became famous because of the sex tape. 

Why HELLO miss EMMA, if you couldn't respect people for because of the sex tape, why on earth do  you even have one of your own? If you have so much respect for yourself, why the hell do you allowed your ex boyfriend to tape YOU!? We get that you are becoming famous each and everyday. But it is not like Paris and Kim wanted their tape to be released. It is just that sometimes you wouldn't know what kind of scumbag you dated. get it? Scumbags? You dated one too thus the news about your sex tape. 

Imagine what would happen if emma's tape were released!? BoooYaaahh! As much as I love Emma's movies, she needs to respect other victims and not humiliated them. 

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