Thursday, 1 November 2012

Amanda Bynes goes Awry Wrong!!!

Amanda Bynes reminds me a lot of Lindsay Lohan. They used to be every girls role model and that now its getting really old. Amanda hasn't been out lately for any show and recently arrested for driving under the influence. Better yet, there could be more terror since she got back her driving license! People on the streets of L.A, DO NOT FEAR. It's just Amanda on the road. Anyways, all eyes on Amanda. 

She's also selected as one of the creepiest celebrities of year 2012. Can you imagine that! There aren't many celebrities with nails-go-awry-wrong like hers, and the only thing I have in mind when I look at that picture is Susan Sarandon from the movie Enchanted 2007.  Come on, if she could go for shopping or drinking, she could afford a manicure... I really hope that Amanda learns her lesson and that she will go back to that sweet girl she used to be in the movie "She's the man" and let's hope she's not gonna hit anymore county sheriff's car :) Young celebrities make so much money and their routines are "Drink, Drunk, DRAMA"

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