Monday, 19 November 2012

Perhaps One Private Jet?

Sometimes it is hard to be a celebrity. Especially if they are an icon! Recently, David Beckham was pretty mad when he took a flight with British Airways came a big fan and apparently, she's an air hostess. 

While Beck was sleeping, she took a picture of Becks and it got him awake because of the flash from her camera. Therefore, Becks was pretty mad about that! It's really tough for celebrity as hot as Becks to have his privacy even when he's asleep. Becks should have own a jet for himself sponsored by British Airways. I mean since "he has a good relations with BA" why not owning one private jet? 

Well Becks, why don't you own one like every other celebrities? ;)


  1. That was very disrespectful of the stewardess. I hope she apologized not because David Beckham is very popular, but because it was very disrespectful. Probably the reason why Beckham didn't want a private jet is that he wanted to stay as conventional as possible. He reminds me a lot of Keanu Reeves!

    Corina Ogan