Wednesday, 14 November 2012

What Human Would Consider DOING!!!

I would understand if people did plastic surgery to make themselves look better. When I say "Better" it means GOOD not to the extreme that you'd come out to look like a living dead doll! I came across an interesting yet disturbing video of a man they called "Human Ken Doll". When there's Ken, there's always Barbie! She's a mother and they called her "Barbie Wannabe". Read more to view VIDEO!

Are they real? YES! Human Ken Doll (Justin Jedlica) had 90 surgeries started from the nose, down the gluteus (just like Kim Kardashian, check out the video), his chest, abs and a whole lot more! I wouldn't believe men would go for plastic, I would understand Botox because they want to look good especially celebrities but to the extreme? Hell no! I don't know what's in the mind of human plastic. Question is, why don't just go for a healthy exercise? Funny how he responded that it's not exciting and not glamorous to do work out. So, plastic is glamorous? I've never thought of that before but I guess "Credit Card - Plastic" is GLAMOROUS! I'd agreed on that one :D.

According to Ken Doll, 90 procedures are not enough. What else is he going to destruct this time? IMO, he still looked the same from his childhood photo just that his lips are plumper, his cheek bones are visible and there rest, you can tell! I think Justin is the version of plastic rejects because Ken does not look like him at all!

Lacey Wildd aka Barbie Wannabe has the 7th largest breast in the world and she's still in the process of getting it even bigger! I seriously am disturbed and puzzled WHY women are so crazy to have extreme boobies. I mean they don't look good at all... She can't run, She can't do sports, She can't sleep properly (because her boobs are too heavy), She basically can't do nothing but to walk around parading those hard a** boobies. I'm not sure if she's really doing it for a good cause but according to her, there are benefits to have humongous boobs (take care of her family and to make money, WHAT???). IMO, it is more for attention seeking rather than having it for a good cause. She quotes something like this "There are a lot of blondes with big boobs but there aren't with HUMONGOUS boobs". I have no idea what goes on in their darn mind but I hope for the sake one day they'll stop this crazy plastic carnival. They ain't do no good anyways.

If you are so much into plastic surgery, think twice because if you had too much, they just do so much harm to you and your health.

So, what do you think about Ken and Barbie now? :) 

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