Thursday, 22 November 2012

Taiwanese Dessert in Malaysia!

Dessert is everyone's favorite dish of the day. Without desserts, your meal would be incomplete. What do you know about Taiwanese desserts? 

Dessert comes in 2 types. Hot and Cold! European and American dessert comes in 2 types as well but the difference between Asian is that we love chewy texture and not too sweet while the Euro and US are the opposite. 

Meet Fresh serves a delicious desserts. The squares are Taro, Grass Jelly and Chewy Pearl (made out of flour). It comes in Hot and Cold! It was my first time experiencing meet fresh and I must say, it was a good one. They are located at 
 Paragon and Gurney Plaza (next to each other). 

My favorite is Cold/Ice desserts! What about yours?

(I do not promote Meet Fresh  for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Meet Fresh)

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