Monday, 19 November 2012

BREAKING-UP for real, NOT!!!

I know that I'm supposed to be having a lot of fun in Penang but the heck! I love to look out for the gossips, love affairs, politics and YOU NAME IT! 

Justin and Selena

I couldn't help but to check out what's up with Bieber and Gomez. I'm not a big fan of the duo so to Bieb's and Gomz's lover, I don't mean to B**** about them but dang it! They are 20 and 18 FFS! I think fame gets them crazeee!! I remembered when I was their age, we had proper fun like normal teenagers. But what I see in the duo, they are like an adult having a nice dinner in fancy restaurant, spending like adult celebrities yada yada... 

After a fight, Bieb's followed her home and she refused to let him in. Gomez, if you had enough of biebs, get a freaking restraining order. 

So, question is... when are they breaking up for real? I've seen a lot of negative news about them and it has been like weeks and they are still trying to patch things up. Bieb's, you are a pretty boy and Gomez, you are a pretty girl. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Why stick to each other for the sake of Paparazzi? Go make some real music and stop all the drama PLEASE!!!

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