Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Civets eat the fruits...

Did you know that Civet Coffee A.K.A Luwak Coffee is the most expensive coffee bean and it is also known as a luxurious coffee. If you must know, civet coffee gives a very rich flavor and people who loves coffee as much as they love their cars and diamonds would afford to have at least one or more a day before they start to go to work. 

A friend once told me (He's from UK) that it is incredibly expensive to buy a cup of civet coffee in London. It was also broadcasted in the newspaper that it could reach up to £70 a cup. He said who would be crazy enough to be spending that kind of money on a cup of coffee? I'd say someone who has a taste bud just like my dad. He enjoyed his coffee every morning with his newspaper. 

My dad gave me 3 packs of civet coffee bean just for fun (He sells them though). I'm not much of a coffee drinker myself (I admit).  But I rather not wasting it so I decided to get a manual grinder from Hario and coffee press from Rulio. They work perfectly fine for me. 

From not knowing how to appreciate coffee, I come to realize why people loves it despite the process of making the coffee. Civets eat the fruits, civets excrete the bean and VOILA! You then called it "Civet Coffee". The fact that a bag of coffee beans can cost up to £500 per kilogramme (in Japan or US), you will require a "Pocket full of money". Coffee shops in New York sell about $50 a cup

So have you tried the prestigious civet coffee yet? If you had, What do you think about it? Let's share your thoughts! 

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