Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ideas for Christmas

What's old and new this year? Christmas is around the corner! Have you prepared gifts for your love ones? I may also be one of the bunch who hasn't prepared anything yet. How unlucky of me. I'm a lady with very little things but bigger in mind :D.

I love luxurious and finest things in life, well who doesn't yea?As  you all know, Samsung Note 2 is the IN gadget this year and that it has greater positive comments compared to Apple. I'm yet to try Samsung and I still love Apple regardless of the lower quality camera (compared to Samsung). Overall, I'm still happy with Apple. Maybe this year Christmas would be a perfect time to have one? ;)

What's more than a luxurious bags? Who could resist that temptation of owning one or better yet, to receive one as a gift? It doesn't have to be Louis Vuitton or Prada but you know why do we call it "The Luxurious Goods". The quality that matters!

For both men and women who love running early in the morning with this cool gadget on your wrist. Newly launched this year with an affordable price, they named it "Nike +Fuelband". Instead of carrying your mobile phone to track down while you were running, you can now use Nike Fuelband to run along with you. In the states, it is as affordable as $149.99 before taxes.

The greatest idea comes last. Mac Book Air has been one of my favorite gift. It is the most trendy gift anyone could afford buying. I mean you would buy for yourself and not really for "Someone". But again, Apple has been amazing from day 1. They have created yet a great laptop. Smaller and lighter! Comes in sleek colors. The perfect gift, what do you think?

Do you have any idea about gifts for this coming Christmas day? I can't wait! And I wish I could see snow dropping on my head during Christmas. I hope my wish will one day come true.

"Never stop wishing because at some point your wish may come true"

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