Thursday, 1 November 2012

Jetstar and It's Transparent Tape

Jetstar is one of airlines that I travel with the most. It is affordable (though sometimes it costs more than other airlines) and some of their planes are new. Only once that I've ever step foot on the new one and the seat was good and brand new. The old version has the magazine, food/souvenirs menu and safety instruction opposite your knees and the brand new version has them on top of the chair. Which I think is a brilliant idea and it also gives a better space for people with longer legs. I've no problem as I'm petite therefore I have plenty of rooms for my legs (chuckles). 

OK, I should go to the main topic. Just last week I was with Jetstar very old plane that has a TAPE on my armrest (Right). It was taped because there are broken  pieces and they had no choice but to tape them. I checked on the other side, they were also broken but without the transparent tape. I don't like seeing all these little things on board. Jetstar could have fixed something. "I'm happy, You're happy". I've no complains apart from it and overall, Jetstar is GOOD!

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  1. As long as it brings you back home its good enough ;)