Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Say NO to Shark Finning!

Did you know that killing sharks for their fins are cruel and inhumanity? Did you know that as soon as they cut off the fins, they tossed them back to the sea and let them suffer through the deep cold sea while they are still alive? Did you know that they couldn't swim anymore and that they would be starved to death? Did you know it happens every thousand times in everyday? 

How could anybody do such a thing to the poor living creature? They attacked! YEAH! Human attacks too but you don't see them being killed for no reason. 

Sharks are cut due to their quality of the fins to make soup and there's not just FIN that they are after but their skin, teeth and jaws. To make leather goods, jewelry, souvenirs and many more.

Sharks are being depleted faster than they can reproduce and it threatens the stability of marine ecosystems around the world. For those who cares for the lives of these poor creature, raise your voice and share them with your friends and family. Check out Kubu Marine Park on Facebook. It is a non-profit organization! Like and Share ;). 

I hope shark finning will soon be prohibited and banned world wide! I recently watched a video on youtube and that it shows in New Zealand, Shark finning are legal! Let's hope for sharks survival again...

(I do not promote Kubu Marine Park  for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever)

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  1. Its really bad to eat shark fin !!! I say NO to shark fin !!!

    We would need to raise against these practices !!!